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MineLab Gold Monster 1000 For Sale : $625


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It's found gold for me but I need threshold to drowned out my Tinnitus.

Sale includes everything that came in the box,  except the box and that is a $175 savings.

The screen it perfect. No scratches. It's always had a screen protector on it.

 Slight scuffing on the handle as seen in the picture. 

Good working and good looking detector.

Universal Shaft Adapter not shown in the picture but included with the detector.

***Answers to questions asked about this machine:

The Monster 1000 has both of the factory coils: The 5" round and 6"X10" elliptical coils.  The 5" was too "Hot" (Minelab's term), ie. touch sensitive, from the factory as many were when the machines first came out. I had MineLab replace it under warranty which they did gladly as they were very aware of this problem.

I bought the Monster new in the box, never opened from a close friend in Georgia who bought two Monsters from Gerry's Metal Detectors in Boise, Idaho, my home town. One detector for his son who lives in Colorado and one for himself.  After several months of trying to get with his son for a detecting trip, he gave up and decided to sell one.  I bought it. I had the warranty transferred to me.   Other than the hot coil issue it's run great!  I guarantee that the Monster 1000 is as represented or your money back.

If you have anymore questions feel free to call me: 208.602.6096


aka: Michael Givens



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