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Smoking deal on used GPZ 7000 questions.

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You will find a range of opinions on this. This is only my opinion. I like the 7000 better because it seems to pick up rough gold better than the 5000. It is very sensitive and you may find yourself thinking you have hit a bonanza only to turn up a rather small chip in relation to the booming signal you got. It finds ridiculously small gold at very good depth. Also being able to go wireless is a huge boon. 

The 7000 has only two coils available. It is freaking heavy. But it is a wonderful detector when you use the tuning possibilities in the right conditions.

The 5000 is, however, a fantastic machine; it is not as heavy, it has some great after-market coils and you can get one relatively cheaply. I have both machines at the moment. I have used them both enough to understand them. You won't really go wrong with either machine. (again, opinion only). I would recommend buying a Hipstick to use with either. Good luck.


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Im with Adam. Have you been successful with the 4000? I haven't used one but my friends that do still run one, love them. They use the new EVO coils and are keeping up with the 5000s. But its also what you want to do ofcourse. I love my 5000 and im not sure if i would trade it for the weight of 7000. 

Good luck

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