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The Secretary of the Army sent the chest to the mint for the gold to be assayed, smelted and poured into bars and planchets to be turned into medals for the military. A small amount of the more interesting "lumps and scales" were kept in the war office for the President as examples of the different forms of gold being found.

You can read the full accounting in U. S. Gov. Docs, 30th cong. 2d sess., H. Ex. Doc. 1, no. 37, 56-64.

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You can see at least a portion of the tea caddy gold on display at the Smithsonian. The original half gram nugget discovery by James Marshall at Sutter's Mill was in the tea caddy and is now in the Smithsonian collection.

I'm not sure where the remainder of the tea caddy gold ended up. Perhaps the Smithsonian holds more? I'm sure a letter to the collections manager would answer the question. I suspect there may be several nice nuggets displayed privately in the homes of Washington's ruling families from the caddy.

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