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To many project in hand. Never a Board moment, eaa?


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Still working on E-Bike Battery Packs and Wind Generator and Two Metal Detector Projects and Solar Power Wall Project and BangGood through me for a Loop. They messed up my order of Silicon Wire needed for the Battery Packs   and sent these crazy small Quad Drone Motors in error. They have no interest in me sending them back to China and Already Reshipped the Wire I needed. Now I need to figure out how to do a Remote Control Plane or something using these four motors ? LOL I have a Air Hog helicopter that Could stick on of these on. Stay Tuned !  I looked these up on BangGood and are replacement motors for a Mini Done going for $70 - $200 a pop.  These sell for about $10.00 ea.  I can get Props for the things for $3.00.  Someone at BangGood's going to get a spanking over this one.  

  Dave your Battery Pack is in the mix as well.  Still gathering yet more parts.






EchineMiniElectric Motor.jpg

Miniture 3Phase.jpg

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