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14 hours ago, beatup said:

some blades for trade down at quartzsite this winter.IMG_6280.JPGIMG_6523.JPGIMG_6565.JPGIMG_6486.JPGIMG_6496.JPGIMG_6534.JPG

Really great work!!!   Love the brecccia looking material used on the two orangish - gray pieces. 3rd and 4th pic from the bottom. 

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ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS , I have always liked arrow heads and have found a few. Never saw one made until about 1982 we were up on a ranch in the Texas panhandle. This ranch was a site where a type of fossil fern had been found and we stopped at the ranch house to get permission to look in a nearby creek . The rancher told us we where welcome to look but the area had been searched for years and he didn't think we would be successful. This was right on the  OK /TX state line and very isolated. He told us we could park our R/Vs in his yard and spend the night.  So we parked and took my PU down where he said to look, we found some small pieces and I found  on whole fern head, I can't remember the name of it now . Anyway the  rancher and his wife  invited us to supper , 2 couples, so after a great ranch meal  we got to talking and the subject of arrow heads came up. He said I have some that I will show you , he came out with some cigar boxes  and started showing us  perfect pieces like yours, every color and design! We were floored ! These came from  this ranch  we asked ? Yep he said every one of them !  I was ready to grab a flashlight and start looking  and not worry about the abundant rattlers! About that time his wife spoke up and said "Honey tell then the truth" He made them himself she said . I was still sceptical  so he took out his knapping gear and proceeded to make both a brown one and a green one from the bottom of a broken beer bottle!! He said those fancy ones take a lot longer but I have been doing this for years. We were still floored , his hands was rough as  an old saddle, I would have cut a finger off or worse Trying that! Never bet on another mans game  I have learned ! Yours are obviously museum quality .

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