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Happy Birthday LowPoint

Au Seeker

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Hey Gary....have a great one!
Tom H.


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Well THANKS GUYS for all  the Happy Birthday-acknowledgements,....I actually haven't been out much lately (Tom's) as my wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer in November, so I have been taking her to kemo (spelling??) treatment-sessions, doctor's appointments, etc.,etc.,etc.  of-which her last treatment is tomorrow. :yesss: She will also be having 6-weeks of radiation-treatments starting in 2-3 weeks from now.  She is holding her own  through it all (although very week after the sessions) , is in positive spirits, and doing good. 



As for my "rumored-Age", ....to be quite honest, when I was in my teens I never dreamed that I would ever attain this age.  :200:  Ya-know when you are young, age and aging are the farthest things on your mind (if they are there at all).  I viewed "others" that where that age (then) as being old-fart-adults,.:laught16:...but I never thought that I would ever get that way -"also--eventually--too  :WOW:    Actually, I really don't think about my age until someone brings up the subject, and then I have to stop and ask myself "how old am I ???"  I really believe that age is a state-of-mind, and that you are only as old as you (yourself) want to be, ..or allow-yourself-to-be.  You are the one that has control over how you feel age-wise.  I may be 72 today, but mentally and physically I actually don't feel any older than about 30.  I know that at times when I push myself that my mind says: I want to do this, and this, and this, and my body is saying:  "Do what????,....are you NUTS,...I'm too old to do that!!!  I was moving boulders and picking and shoveling and doing those kinds of physical activities when I was 25-30"  But I have found that being active with physical exercise at my age is and has been beneficial, and keeps me strong.  Where I see others at my age who are physically-week, have health issues, and actually go out of their way to not keep themselves in better shape.  That to me is sad.  Well, I appear to be rambling................  Thanks again.   Gary     

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