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Totally fascinating to read the forums and begin to learn more!  Real quality posts by all, thanks.  I recently came into possession of a large sample weighing 74 pounds I am going to have analyzed by a local university lab.  Very exciting for me.  I have attached 2 photos, the second showing a silver, polished spot that sure looks like steel.  The sample also has a 1/8" hole in it.

meteorite #4.jpg

meteorite #3.jpg

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yup.  My brother-in-law purchased it around 2000 at the Tuscon Meteorite, Mineral and Gem show.  The seller was from Latin America and my brother-in-law thinks he remembers being told it was from Patagonia.  That is the extent of the background known.  Although he was given paperwork, it now he can not find it.  I have checked with a few labs and The Museum of Natural History in NYC suggest getting in touch with a Dr. Gross at Rutgers.  She reviewed the photos and said she would be glad to look at the stone and do analysis if she believes it is warranted.  So, hopefully I am in the process of having it shipped to me and then I will go meet with her.  He has bills that need to be paid so hopefully this will help towards that.  Attached photo shows the 1/8" hole.  Great fun!

meteorite #2.jpg

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It looks like a Campo Del Cielo meteorite, a lot of them are sold online and at the Tucson show. Nice looking iron...

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