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Five Rings Last Two Trips To The Beach!

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We've had wind and we've had rain in sunny southern California.  It has supplied enough energy to move some targets up for my Equinox 800 from Bill.  I wish one of them was gold but that was last month.

There is a half ounce silver ring there and a silver amber ring.  The others just are 'rings!'  I'm still hoping to get more.





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Sweet..! :yesss:

I'm heading out in about a half-hour, wanting to take advantage of the super moon & low tide, but to tell you the truth I don't have much expectation.. They've finally deceided to do some serious proper beach replenishment (with the buried pipes to feed the water back while keeping the sand on shore,) widening as much as 3X in places a good 3 to 4 feet in height backed with a 3 - 4 foot "cut" in places too..  They've pumped sooo much near-shore sand onto the beach that there is virtually nothing to be found at the curb & everything's upside-down beachtop.. Couple that with the continuous hot rocks etc chatter and falsings & not much fun to be had at the moment.. What little that isn't torn into yet is still purty empty from the quick-n-dirty overlay replenishment done last spring..

So all that means gold..! Look out, beach -- lol..!


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