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14 hours ago, daffy said:

Just streaked the black part a bunch of times. black as well with the grey


Okay that’s what I was thinking. The black streak indicates magnetite which I expected from the appearance of that coating. To me it does not really appear to be a fusion crust but a coating! The interior appears to be loaded with quarts and really looks a lot like granite for example which meteorites don’t contain.  Also the size in relationship to your hand would indicate that the stone is not dense enough to be a meteorite. A meteorite that size should weight approximately double what you posted in the scale picture. Sorry but Unfortunately I have to disagree that this is potentially a meteorite. The picture of the meteorite in my hand weights about 90 grams that’s how I came up with the general idea your stone is not the correct density to be a meteorite .



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8 hours ago, daffy said:

darn hahaha well ill see yous next time I find a cool meteor wrong lol cheers for the info and help 

That’s what I like to hear!! Keep them coming, keep searching and I’ll bet you will find one if you stay determined!!! It’s certainly the right look just about!!!

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On February 20, 2019 at 8:10 PM, daffy said:

 I can see some very tiny flakes of metal In it now i have filed more off.

Must have been small filings from the file adhering to the surface; you may want to clean the surface and then look at it again under magnification, as granite will never contain metal flakes.

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