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Can anyone identify this rock?

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Greetings from Europe. I am new to this forum and don't know anything about stones/minerals/etc. so I've decided to stop by and ask you guys for help. About 5 months ago I was sitting at the beach and I came across a very interesting stone. I took the stone home but ever since them I cannot stop wondering what type of stone this is. It is of a pale orange colour with black stripes that seem to be beneath the surface and are only revealed once you chip some off. The chip also appears to have some white. The stone itself is smooth, has a pearly finish, which is even more intense when a part of the sone gets chipped off, and weighs approx. 20g. I am also adding some photos so you will get a better understanding of it. So what could it be? If you can solve this mystery I will be more than happy.




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