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18 minutes ago, Patrick in Havasu said:

Does it have water year round?  Any other spots I could use my 25 year old sluice box that has never been wet?

I don't know about year round, but I'm pretty sure there is water running in it now.  If you can handle the cold, and cold wind Lynx Creek would be a better place to sluice.  Rose creek might also be running fairly good.  Gary

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I didn't think you could sluice on Lynx Creek?  The mineral withdrawal area is panning only, and all the rest is claimed or private property.  That is also patrolled by the rangers, of whom I see most times I go out there.  Don't know what enforcement authority they have there.  I've heard about the campers at Bannie mine road getting the sluices out at night.

I went to the fire station past the withdrawal area twice because I heard you could sluice there.  First time there was no water flowing, and the second time the fire department put a no parking sign up to keep people out of there.  There was also a no camping order put up along Big Bug Creek and I 17 for BLM land.  Land was being trashed.

Turkey creek can run at times and the GPAA had a claim that looks fairly easy to access.  If you are a GPAA member, they had dropped the claims along the Agua Fria you used to be able to sluice when the river was flowing.  Just make sure you check the most recent guide against the monthly bulletins.

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Hey Patrick.....one of the guys in a FB group put up some pics of Big Bug creek this morning.......yah....have fun! :)





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