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New Wulfenite discovery !


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Mrs. Boulder dash, boulder dash,  and I  all entered a mine tunnel  and located a seam of Wulfenite .. Cerussite was abundant as well but few defined crystals were found. I`m definitely heading back to dig on the seam with propper tools.

Field of view is about one inch.


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Cool find Adam :)  Does that stuff make all kinds of cool colors  if you put a UV light on it? 

I was playing around with some of my rocks and it is amazing the colors that appear. 
Tom H. 


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wit, don and me made a trip to red cloud mine north of yuma in 1975.

wit went down on a boarswain chair and very carefully chip them out and fill an egg carton. ended up with 18 dozen. red crystals. sure didn't take long to sell them. don has a couple left in his show case, along with a fozzelized 7" rib bone with many other gem stones. every time me stops to see don, admire them.



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