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Equinox finds gold second use

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Ok so I bought an equinox 800 set up from Bill and the cover and a large head from Doc. 

I was in North Central Texas on a delivery of windmill parts for GE and had half Saturday and all Sunday to wait to get unloaded. 

I was tired. Little tv Saturday evening and then Sunday it hit me, you dummy you have your detector with you. 

I looked around and the terrain was all flat and plowed cotton field as far as the eye could see. Oh well let’s give it a shot. 

About 15 minutes out I found this.  Surprised it was still together as there is no telling how many times it had been tilled  dry desert dirt at about 8 inches  tines are larger so....

I believe to be an old tab collar clip as it’s to short to be a tie tack. But not sure. You know the old collars that had the board behind them supporting the shape. 

Anyway it does test 24k over brass so someone had some money or status in the day. 

The Camera does great at my skin definition on the I Phone X lol

Any thoughts on its origins?  By the way  hunted for hours and never found as much as a coin  that’s it  










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4 minutes ago, fredmason said:

very cool find...no idea what it is....


Yeah me neither, like I was saying on the shirt collar one on each side to have those cardboard inserts that went up underneath many years back. They could’ve been cuff links if you inserted the alligator clip in the holes but don’t really see it lol

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Nice to have an answer. Ty

2 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

Nice find, I like it, I suppose it could of been used for a collar clasp, but I think it's most likely a lapel clasp similar to a lapel pin but used like a tie clasp only on the lapel.

Here's photos of one with a sail boat on it.





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