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You're not doing anything wrong, photos posted on these forums are usually resized automatically to keep from using too much bandwidth, but should be large enough to view easily, that being said you should be able to click on a photo and it will open in a window approximately the same size, but if you click on it again it will usually open in a new "tab" and at that point you can usually click on it again and it will enlarge much, much more, so much so that you have to scroll up, down, left and right to see the entire photo.

The photos can never be any larger than what they were when you posted/uploaded  them.

The above is how it works on a computer, I don't visit the forum on my phone enough to tell how it works on a phone.

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thanks. need to find me female mate to help me on me new lap top. me lost 224 pictures trying to upload to the lap top. had no problem with the old ones, new ones think they are smarter than me. friends tell me that me destroy's the english lanuage like now when mispelly a word on this forum a tab "add to dictionary" appears. when writing on an email, dictionary appears. hate these smarter me phones.

thanks again, dumber than phone bob.


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Try keeping a 100 GB+ flash drive in one of the USB ports. I'm using that now for important images, tired of old computers stealing my photos when they bite the dust. Access will be found on the quick access folder menu down near the bottom, it will say USB drive.

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