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On 2/22/2019 at 4:08 PM, clay said:

Nugget Wranglers club might be a good choice too. They've got two claims nearby and at $10 a year they are the budget alternative.

I didn't know they were still in existence. 

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18 hours ago, adam said:

You kids better start charging your detector batteries :brows: :black_knight_standing:

Shoot, im all packed, just have to get the food together.....cant wait!
Tom H.


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On 2/23/2019 at 9:29 AM, Lanny in AB said:

When I get around to retiring, events like this sound like a great time.

Some day I hope to join you . . .

All  the best,


I know what your saying Lanny. Im getting one day closer every day to retiring. I have threatened to show up more than once, maybe this time.
you are going to be chatting with some of the best nugget hunters around. Always something to be learned.

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I too am getting close to retirement, just a couple more years to go.  Outings like this well be high on my list of things to do when it does happen.

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Dodie & Robert and I (and Patch) will be there around mid-day...Dying to try out y new GM1000!!!!!!   See you all there!  ...

Cheers, Unc

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