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I feel as if I must say something for those with good intentions...

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As I have nothing to gain or lose by sharing this, perhaps it will be accepted on its own merit...

 Every single photo I sent out prior to objectively proving the rock's origin (space), I was told in various ways, mostly condescendingly, of how stupid or how wrong I was.  

 From forum members, to academic professionals. However as I am self-taught, I had the experience to persevere, based on prior experiences in other endeavors during my lifetime. 

Many of you likely know of a professor who is well known for accepting pictures from the public; in fact it is his list of "realities" that are regurgitated at nausea by those assessing  others posts on forums such as this one. Well, it occurred to me to simply critically think through some of these when t became obvious that almost none of it is verifiable or helpful. One might go as far as saying that it is suspiciously unhelpful, well at the very least, you may think so after I give you an accuracy figure based on my experience. 

Over 20 finds I submitted to him for assessment, his error rate was at BEST just over 97%. In other words, EVERY single time he assessed a photo, he did so in error, rashly and without regard. 

So folks, take it or leave it - I am not here to spoon feed those who want me to further proof the accuracy of my statement, disregard me at your peril, the few I want to help will have gotten it without any supplemental documentation. 



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have emailed pictures to over twenty meteorite universities so called experts. ones that reply. meteorites are cold when they land or all iron meteorites must have at least 3 percent nickel. my favorite one- no meteorite has 8 percent Ti, 50 percent Fe. he's at washington university st louis. so-called lunar, mars expert.

google- meteorite in his yard on fire. short video. meteoritical society editor went on rant and rage about meteorites are dead cold.

female professor's agree, but are not allowed to speak. it's a mens world who are apt to forget the benefactor, mother earth, and riot over the benefit. man and men are the corporate world. native males are protector's for kids and females.

sex education is what man and men need to keep their minds off of sex every seven seconds.

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