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Another "What is it".

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I found this rock in a sedimentary environment, half-embedded in an eroded plain. it is very heavy at 600 grams.

I am wondering if it is:

1) a volcanic rock of sorts, as there was a lot of fully exposed basalt lying around.

2) a Native American hand tool, given the perfection with which it fits in my palm and the smooth surface where a striking area might be.

Any help with its diagnosis would be greatly appreciated.



Find h.jpgFind g.jpgFind f.jpgFind e.jpgFind d.jpgFind c.jpgFind b.jpgFind a.jpg.



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My best guess is that the rock is a "sandy conglomerate".  The supporting matrix of the rock is composed of "sand" sized particles and these support the well rounded larger pebbles; all of the material is well cemented together probably by quart.  Most likely a stream deposit that was later covered by basalt flows.  It is very common to see these type of rock layers here in the southwestern USA.

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