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Hey Bill, or whoever has one.........

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Ok, so my sons birthday is coming up Feb 4th and i was thinking about getting him a new detector. Im tossing around the idea of the Equinox 600. I hear a lot about the 800 but not much about the 600. What is the difference between the 2 other than the extra cash, and are they a good machine? Doesn't the 800 have prospecting mode and the 600 doesn't? Just would like to get some opinions. Thanks everyone. 

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12 hours ago, nugget108 said:

Ok, so my sons birthday is coming up...

Probably the most important for you is the 800 has the gold mode while the 600 does not..
Given the target X-over out your way, I think it's worth the extra $$s to have the gold mode..


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