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Has anyone ever heard or used this product?

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They advertise in ICMJ so they gotta be legit, right..? :89: :idunno:

But seriously, there's much cheaper ways to capture super small & micron Au..
This just ties it all up into a single neat spendy package..
It also assumes you have enough of the stuff to justify their expense..
Speaking of assumptions, I've always assumed you n Adam check the 'dross' y'all vacuum out of the drywasher..
Are y'all getting a lot of super fines in that mix..? Square it or lose it.. :4chsmu1:
Or I can tell you a way to capture it all for under a buck..


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Ok I personally used this product and will tell you it does work as advertised. Anyone who wants a simple fast way that can eliminate some recovery methods this is it. Recovery was very high as advertised. Good luck

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