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Long Time Customer Scores Gold with Gold Monster NOT NUGGET!

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3 hours ago, adam said:

No need for better pictures. Some guys around here just have to overanalyse the sh&% out of everything :D... Well done on the epic find !!! 

Speak for yourself Adam, I'm a coin collector and I love looking at coins and trying to determining types, flaws, errors, etc., in this case even though a rare coin and only a few are know to exist there are several varieties of the 1852 D $1 gold coin.  

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On 1/24/2019 at 11:33 PM, Au Seeker said:

Yes it's rare but hopefully DJ hasn't cleaned it in any way as to do so will greatly affect what it is worth!

"COLORATION: The range of colors seen on original, uncleaned pieces includes deep orange and coppery-gold to medium green shades. There are not many remaining 1852-D gold dollars that have not been cleaned or dipped and such coins are worth a strong premium over the typical “washed-out” example."

Nope have not cleaned it.

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Thanks for the pic's bro.  Lovely pieces, but I know what you mean by putting it in a vault.  You can't be too careful today.

  Old Tom

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