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Need help identifying

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It does look like a big ol baking spud. Funny.

Kind of hard to identify with just the pic. Sorry

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Rocks are identified by their constituents and appearance. Minerals are the constituents and they are identified by their physical characteristics. 

So, you need to identify the constituents that make up the rock. In this case they are the granular minerals that are stuck together to form the rock. That means you need to look closely... A lot closer than the photos can show.

The rock could be about anything. All we can see is the basic shape and general color. It looks like a potato and that is as good as it gets without more info.

I can tell by the shape and color that you have a silica based rock that has been subjected to mechanical erosion. If you can post a clear close up of the surface so we can see the mineral constituents it would help identify it.

...look in there with a lens and describe the crystals...color and shape/geometry. Poke them with a needle and see how they break. Make some physical observations. That is how minerals are identified and what this hobby is all about!


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