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Got a New to My 1994 Chevy G20 van

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3 hours ago, azdigger said:

Hooked the wire up....NO JOY , still nothing...checked other wires best I could.....with volt / ohm meter.

Did you check the red wire before reconnecting it to see if it had 12 V going to it?

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18 minutes ago, azdigger said:

Yep , hook multi meter and read 12 v  , no other wire had power.

Okay. Now connect your red multimeter lead into that known 12v. With the black lead of your meter probe each wire for ground when the switches are operated. if you get the same results, it's probably a safe bet to replace the switch. 

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Well , after much testing , the window motor is bad , just got to replace it...never done this before


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