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Are you running on tired tires?


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About 10 years ago I put a set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain's on my Jeep that now have just 20,000 miles on them. I still have plenty of tread left and the tires have worn even due to maintaining correct air pressure, balancing and rotation. I've read that tires over 6 years of age is pushing your luck and should not be used due to safety concerns...mainly blowouts at highway speeds. Last week I had to get my state inspection done which I passed even though my tires are  over 10 years of age. If running old tires over 6 years of age is such a public safety concern why doesn't state vehicle safety inspections check manufacturing dates on tires? 

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I would  change them. We had 6 tires on our RV that were like that....after two blow outs at speed, and a lot of work on the wheel wells after, we changed them all out after that. Even though they looked brand new. They were about 10 yrs old.  Its not worth the risk. Look at getting your new BFGs at Walmart. You will save a LOT on the road hazard and mounting/balancing.  You would think they would at least recommend you change them if they looked at the date. It may not be a law...just a recommendation by tire manufacturers. 

Tom H. 


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I would consider not changing them if I went to my neighborhood store which is a mile from me and I never go above 40 to get there.  Also, I'd have to still have my second vehicle that I take much better care of.  There'd have to be zero temptation to take the vehicle with older tires on road trips ever.  I would never use the jeep for what it intended for and go four wheeling in it.  At an average of 2000 miles a year, I guess you use this vehicle for something like that or just the opposite.  When my RV gets to 10 years, I will be changing the tires on that, and sooner if they wear.

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I am not being mean to Randall, but some food for thought for everyone.

I think that the "REAL" question here is, How old and what is the condition is your spare tire?

Do you even know if you have a spare?

Where is it in the vehicle?

When was the last time you checked the air pressure in it?

Do you have the knowledge and tools to change a flat tire?

Have you "Upgraded" the tool's to change a flat tire?

Added small 2x6's for  jack support for "offroad" flat's? 

Do you have chocks to help keep the vehicle from falling off the jack when you get the flat tire off the vehicle?

Or are you one of those that have it handled with the trusty old AAA card and cell phone?.........if your cell phone works way out there on the otherside of the "City Limit" sign.


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