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Hey all you IMCA members on the forum who know me mostly from my posts. I am looking for a couple of you of give me a recommendation to the IMCA so that I could join their membership. The requirements are that I receive two member recommendations before my application can be considered. I am the guy who posts about how to id meteorites from meteor-wrongs, 'how to make authentic martians', 'melted wood (from meteorites) makes the best wood' and other whimsical tales. 

Since I run my own real world business I don't often get to mingle with the real meteorite hunters' crowd, except at the annual Tucson Gem Show in late January and early February.  I look forward to attending the annual IMCA dinner, but cannot easily without being a member.  I would like to become a full fledged member so that I can participate with like compatriots. I go down on several different days as it is less than two hours away from Gilbert, AZ and could meet up with you there.

If you would like to give a recommendation send it directly to recommend@imca.cc and send me a private message.

Keep looking down, they're out there.


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I've been hunting meteorites since the Indian Butte Meteorite fall of 1997 in south central Arizona. I have hunted all over Arizona, California, and Southern Nevada and have found meteorites and in three other countries for about 800 hours. I have volunteered for years in public elementary and middle schools teaching science classes on meteorites by having all the students handle and test the various types of meteorites per small table group.  I teach a second class on the real night sky as to what the many objects and events these kids can easily see in the night sky by themselves or with a small telescope. The Meteoritical Bulletin published my Danby Dry Lake find. I have observed 20,489 meteors and understand their characteristics. I have built a 12.5" in Dobsonian telescope. My collection is in the hundreds.


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Hey all you ICMA members. I still one more recommendation. My meteorite bio is in the last post.

Thanks in advance.


P.S.: If you want to hook up at the Tucson Gem Show I'm game.

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