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Can anyone tell me what rock this is?

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Could this be torbernite? It looks like there is a cloudy surface on the minerals which is why I tried to wash it with water. When I did wash it, my hands began to burn and hurt. They were like that for about an hour. Then that night my left hand swelled :( any insights? Could they have washed it with toxic chemicals? 


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That is different than anything I've ever seen. There is a mineral they used to treat with toxic chemicals, to make it look like peacock ore a type of copper mineral. The color must have come about as a reaction to the chemicals... might have even been a type of acid. It would have to have a bluish/gold sheen I think.

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Pictures are a bad way to identify minerals. It appears to be copper mineralization on calcite but only testing will tell for sure. If you have a collection locality it would help a lot.

I doubt it's Torbernite. Torbernite is very rare and doesn't survive long in air/sunlight, I've still to find a good representative crystal. Your specimen does have some of the characteristics found in some deposits. Torbernite is a secondary mineral of uranium deposits.

Torbernite is only mildly radioactive so I doubt it could hurt you from washing in water. Try a Geiger reading - if it isn't radioactive it isn't Torbernite.

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