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Wife and I are down on our claim, sandwiched in a canyon below subdivision we live in. Met a hunter a day before and mentioned we were prospecting on the claim so to be careful where he shoots. His dad's property boarders the claim. We hear a shotgun blast up at the house above us and yell out that we are down in the canyon.

No reply, second report from the shotgun.

I pull my 9mm and popped one into the hillside, facing away from the house above. We then get a response of "ok, we hear you".

Last year while in this same area and on the claim we were driven to our knees after a large caliber (45) goes over our heads. The noise of the bullet alone drove us to the ground, it was that loud.

Looked up the sound of rounds going past a microphone to determine the caliber.

What should my next step be? I have his phone number but would prefer a face to face. Should I have SO involved?

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Does the sheriff have jurisdiction or the local police?  I'd consider a phone call or a face to face.  I was leaning towards LE at first, but could be the hunter was a friend of the property owner, or vice versa, or even someone who did not have permission to be on the land.  I'm also assuming the exchange with the hunter was civil and giving the benefit of the doubt to whoever you yelled up at did not hear you until the gun shot.

There's been a couple of places where a couple of times that someone shot a few hundred rounds uncomfortably close to me.  These were areas not far off the hard top road.  Both times I finished up my business in the canyon and they were done shooting before I left.  Both times the shooters were legally far enough from the road to shoot and had no reason to know I was there.  I never saw these people and my vehicle was parked nowhere nearby, and I did not stick my head over the bank when they were shooting.  I think this type of situation is common.

Out in the desert when this happened to me, I never heard the bullets above my head.  When a bullet went above my head on a firing range, I'd hear the sonic crack from the bullet first, a split second later hear from the weapon.  That was with a 400 meter shot though.

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Jack, aside from a friendly talk, I doubt there is much to be done. Assuming the shooting was in a legal place...

If they don't know you are there and are not wise shooters you could have problems.

I rarely go nugget hunting during deer season because of the" idgits" that have little or no sense.

be careful


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