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In 2019 live your life gratefully.


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Just a Happy New Year Message to all of my prospecting family and friends.

As we start the New Year, I think the one thing above all we need to make a resolution about is to try and live our lives gratefully and with kindness.

It's amazing what an effect words can have, both kind ones, and hurtful ones.

In 1993 I wrote a little daily meditation titled, "The Best Day of My Life"

Little did I know that this writing would travel the globe. It has been published in several books, "Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Book of Wisdom, Chosen to Remember, Heavenly Helpings, and Nordies at Noon." I have received letters from people in prison, people battling cancer, people suffering with depression, people in rehab and recovery; all telling me that these words that I wrote help get them through each day. It's pretty humbling.

The Best Day of my life has traveled half way around the world to a class room in Gambia. School children there recited it as a class presentation.


A gentleman on You Tube, did a lovely video presentation.


So this year, maybe we can all try to live our lives appreciating what a glorious gift from God each day is. Maybe trying to realize that all we need to be happy, God has already given us.

Wishing everyone a very blessed 2019 filled with contentment and happiness. May your sorrows be few, and your joys plentiful and gold bountiful.


Best Day of My Life card large.jpg

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Good stuff there Doc! I have resolved to look at this new year with the glass half full rather than half empty! And to see the positives in all items that I come across whenever possible! I am not naive enough to think all will be so but if I look chances are I will be able to find it! Thank you for your words of wisdom and kindness!

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Truly words to remember Doc.  I'll try to incorporate them into my life.  

   Old Tom

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