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My First Indian Head Penny

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It has been a few weeks since I went out on a gold trip.  Yesterday was the day and the weather was ideal.  I went to a location I've been to many times before and people are still getting little pickers out of the area, but not me!

My tool of choice was the 6" Equinox set on Gold 1 or Gold 2. It was set up for the hunt.  I'm always amazed by the size of stuff this combination will find.  None of it was very deep.  I know GB2s, Monsters, 7000s, 2300s and others have been over these slopes but there is still trash.  There are pellets, half pellets, split, shavings, etc, etc.


Do you see any gold there? (The dime was found with my eyes at a parking area!)  I don't either.  I tried 3 different places with a combination of open and raked slopes and tailing piles.  Nada, so it was time to do something else after 5 hours of gold detecting.  There was not much daylight left on these short days.

On the way back to Los Angeles there is an old train stop.  We've been there before and gotten coins.  The coins I got were buffalo nickels and wheat pennies.  The last 3 times I stopped there I didn't find any but I had more time today.  Let me see.

I put the 6" coin into Park 1 and Park 2 and began the search.  I've been here with the 6" coil before.  I'd also been there with the 3030 6" coil.  I think I have 10 coins from the area.  I went back over the areas where I had found the most and about 20 minutes into the search I got a coin signal among all the can slaw.  Out pops the wheat.  It's a 1945, I can read that even without my glasses.  Now I expand my search area a bit but still on the little slop that has held the coins in greatest quantity.

I have enough confidence in this coil/detector combo now to not use all metal.  That is just too noisy in some places like this.  I'm about 20 on sensitivity and everything else is factory on Park 2.  I'm hearing another penny sound so I scrape away at the surface and the signal is still there so I take the little hand pick and loosen the area and pull it out of the hole.  It's only about 4 inches deep but I get the target.

I see the shape is a coin ... the numbers aren't a dime but I think maybe ... then I look and I can't see the wheat ... wait ... I've gotten these from coin hunt tokens ... IT'S AN INDIAN!  This is my first Indian from the field.  It is a 1905.  It's not in very good shape but I think I'll keep it.  The 6" coil didn't get me any gold but did get an old Indian.  What a detector.


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Nice find and Good Story.  Still looking for my first Indian after 6 or 7 years of detecting.  I have several Seated's,  a large cent, a 2 cent, and even a few 3 cents, but no Indian.  It's gonna be special.  

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