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Brand New..As In Green!!!! What is this, please????

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Can someone help me identify this 'stone'? I am as green as this stone, as in brand new...like I'm still in the single digits on one hand in days!!!! 


The 'stone' is approx. 5" long × 3" wide × 3" thick....it is pretty solid feeling and quite heavy for it's size! I wanted to wait and find out what it is I'm dealing with before I crack it open to see what's inside. Based on its weight for it's size, I doubt that it is hollow or has any cavities but is rather solid throughout! I may be wrong though! 

Help??? Much appreciated! Thank you! Travis





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First welcome to the forum. You will find a great deal of information if you look back on past posts from our various and sorted members. As for the picture of your rock it is very hard to tell from a picture exactly what it is other than what as you say appears to be heavy for its size. My guess would be some kind of iron stone. Others on here may have other ideas. Rock identification is best done in person. If I were you I would seek out a rock shop or if nearby to a university visit their geology department. Happy New Year!

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Please don't crack that specimen. So many newbys think that breaking a rock will reveal something inside. Usually it is the same thing that is on the outside! It is really unusual. It looks almost like it has crystal faces on the darker green part in the first and second photos. Maybe a big diopside or olivine. Cool! Also, if you could answer GeoJack's question that would be great.

Be nice to it please!

Jeff McClendon

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