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First GM1000 Nugget -- A Nice One

Micro Nugget

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My Texan son-in-law is visiting for the holidays.  So I took him with me for a half-day to some open range in Southern California on a cold, windy, not so sunny day.  I used my 7000 and he used my Gold Monster 1000.  He is not a prospector and had never used one before.  His familiarity with metal detecting is minimal having accompanied me on maybe 3 or 4 day trips over the past 16 years.  On those occasions he used a GB2.  So I figured that after I gave him a 5 minute crash course on the 1000 he could pretty much operate on his own without the need for me to coach.  But I wasn't expecting him to nail this 4 gram beauty, especially after the snow began falling.  Nor was I anticipating my own return home covered with skunk stripes.  I suspect not many nuggets like this surface very often out of the Pecos.

2018-12-28 16.35.56.jpg

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Wouldn't surprise me one bit if that package (the nugget, the detector used, 1st time prospecting and the story as laid out & presented)
ended up being a Minelab Find Of The Month winner.. Isn't typical of me to promote, but this whole thing is pretty exceptional.. Nice find, ^5..! :thumbsupanim


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