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I made a quick trip to the shooting spot yesterday to test out some .44 loads. I found these items of interest.


On the left I believe we have an extract or a food coloring bottle. On the right Bayer asprin. Probably a 50's vintage.

Do you recognize this? It has been a long time since I have seen one of these. 



Here is a shot of the inside. Sill some visible writing on it...


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12 minutes ago, fredmason said:

that tin appears to be a pill container...I can't read the printing...


You can barely see the trade mark in the first photo across he bottom. It is in the patina of the rust. I held it at an angle so the light would hit it just right. 

You can see a few words on the inside if you zoom in tight. Words like "jelly" and "rubber" and "lubricant". 


I thought it was an asprin tin. When I cleaned it up I saw faint lettering. I put a drop of Penatrol on it and it brought back just enough writing to positively identify it. It is a Trojan condom tin.



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32 minutes ago, ArcticDave said:

Dagnabbitt I missed them too. I'm always a day late and a dollar short. :tisk-tisk:

I wonder how thick they were in comparison to today's units. Was it like wearing a chunk of fire hose? Or were they as thin as they are today?


Remember the old rubber boots with the metal buckles? Pretty much just like that with heavy cleated soles for traction. With some finger loops on the side to pull them on. :inocent:

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