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Hi, my names Adrian. just wanted to introduce myself before I started asking questions.

Unfortunately I live just outside of Fort Worth Texas, while its good for coin shooting and jewelry there's not to many nuggets to be found.

I plan to make it out to Arizona every other month to search for the elusive yella stuff.

I've been out there twice now, my first trip was around Prescott Valley area and my recent trip was north of Morristown. Although I haven't found any gold yet, I feel my research skills are improving and with a little luck, time and patience there's a piece of shinny with my name on it.

Cheers Adrian.

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Adrian it was great meeting you down in Cleator a week or so ago ... sorry we couldn't put you on the gold that day but you do have the basics down pretty well. Keep that coil close to the ground and don't be afraid to scrub the ground ... coil has a replaceable cover for that reason ... and keep that swing sssslllooowwwww! Remember too that any change in the rhythm of the threshold IS a target. That includes when the threshold blanks! Resolve to dig all targets and you will find the yellow rocks we are all chasing.  Let me know the next time you come to AZ and if I can I will meet up with you and we will see if we can scare a few nuggets up between us! That's an open invitation my friend ... anytime you're here just call or text me.

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Welcome Adrian, keep digging and you will find the yeller metal all in good time. I once was digging a target in a pile of rock,  found 2 king snakes in same hole. Freaked me out until I realized they were harmless. Placed them back in the hole and gently placed the rock back as it was. Good hunting.

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On 5/11/2019 at 11:49 PM, Adrian said:

Ok guys in gold basin this weekend, dug a target, filling the hole back in, found this little fella in the dirt I dug out. Who here has ever dug up a snake. Anyone know what kind it is. 


Probably a hog nosed snake. They have a turned up nose that they use as a shovel to dig spade foot toads out of the dirt.

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