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Shark tooth


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It appears to be but the size is important to know for sure, either meausre it or post it with something for us to be able to determine/judge the size.

I have a few myself and they are found in the coastal rivers, swamps and in the ocean bottoms here where I live.

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What Skip said: it 'appears' to be a shark's tooth.. No idea re species.. It's an extremely old example, that's for sure -- definitely older than any I've ever had or seen.. The darker blue-gray they are, the older.. Most common coloration of (FL) petrified shark's teeth is a brownish-maroon.. One side of the 'root' is broken off that one.. If it's sitting on your leg, that tooth is much larger than the typical FL find.. I only have one anywhere close to that large, and it's also a blue-gray..Avg size shark tooth find along FL Gulf is finger nail to thumb nail..

What or where is (a) blind pass beach..?

Shark's teeth in FL are much more common in SW FL on Gulf beaches especially around Naples than they are along the FL Atlantic.. Yet get around 135 miles north of Jaxonville into the coastal black waters of SC and all kinds of Jurrasic Park era'ish stuff can be found..


PS: Could you post a pix of the other side too, thanx..

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