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Sonoran Dave

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1 hour ago, Old Tom said:

Yeah Dave, that was the first bow that I owned myself.  It was ugly and shook you when you shot it, no smooth release.  Got my first kill (six pointer) with it at age 17.  There were really no one in the woods back then to contend with.  Archery hunting was in it infancy in the 40ty's and 50ty's.  We would hide in the tall grass along side of the wood line and wait for a white tail to come out to eat breakfast.  They were a creature of habit unlike the muley out here.  

   Old Tom

That's awesome! A six pointer no less. :yesss:

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I finished my first half dozen homemade poplar arrows matched to this old bow! I also made one of a different color scheme to see how I liked it.

The yellow poplar made great shafts, but...they were not quite stiff enough to shoot with my new longbow. :tisk-tisk:

I decided to try Bedrock Bob's stabilizer suggestion on the remaining shafts. I used a homebrew concoction of acrylic dissolved in acetone. I sank them in an aluminum tube and filled with the liquid and them soak for 4 days.  I just took them out and will let them dry for a week or so. They look okay and do seem to be saturated with the solution. Hopefully this will give them some backbone.




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