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Hello from the Western Slope of Colorado

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Hope you all are warm and ready for Christmas !!   We are cold dang it !!!it was 20 degrees last night and supposed to be like that all week !!  But we do have the good ol Lopi Firestove a going and will be warming us up all night long!!

Newbie to hunting Meteorites so any tips would be helpful as my furkid can't quite sniff them out yet ! haha:thumbsupanim  We have metal detectors, diggers (of course we have all of that as we gold pan, dredge, metal detect) sure wish the furkid would learn how to metal detect then I could sleep ! :ya:  We also rock hound and have found many wonderful things in Colorado and Utah, many more things to find as well ... 

We just bought a Jayco Talon and hopefully will get it back from the shop as it had some warranty problems soon and we can head out even in 20 degree weather-just bundle everyone up and go !!! Lots of steak, taters, soups and grilled cheese sammiches on the menu for the cold weather, gotta have the carbs with the protein to keep warm and healthy !! LOTS of water too, as well as coffee, and of course hot cocoa with marshmallows ! :inocent:

Yep we both have a sense of humor !!!  Furkid does too !!! imagine that one !!!


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