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Gold Monster Covers and Equinox Covers and New Arm Cuff Covers


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I can't believe what a nightmare getting these covers and bungees has been.  But the good news is that you have been waiting patiently have to wait no more.

Equinox Cover $44.95  Equinox Cover with Arm Cuff Cover matching $54.95  Arm Cuff Cover by itself $18.00

Gold Monster Cover with Cord Wrap $44.95  Gold Monster Cover with Cord Wrap and Matching Arm Cuff Cover $54.95  Arm Cuff Cover by itself $18.

Arm Cuff Cover works with the arm strap that comes as standard equipment with your detector, but our arm cuff cover also includes a new arm strap just in case your old one has taken a beating.

New Quiggle Double Adjustment Bungee is $24.95, the Best Bungee in the world!

Call Bill so he knows how many to order.  Merry Christmas, Doc

20180620_115707.jpg20180620_120153.jpg20180809_153203.jpgQuiggle Bungee Shaft mount to side.jpg20181217_163631.jpg

See Pictures.


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The hook and loop "Velcro®" type wrap around the rod is extra long to accommodate large rods.  The best way to deal with it is to get it set up on your detector, and cut off the excess.  Put a little Elmer's glue inside the strap where the hook and loop was stitched to the webbing.  Squeeze it together and let it set up.  To finish it sear the edge with a flame to seal the nylon.

Now if the spouse has a sewing machine.  Cut to length, sear the end to seal the nylon then just run a stitch across the end where you cut it.

I figured it would be better to have it too long that not long enough.

Thanks Guys! 


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16 hours ago, fredmason said:

Yes, Doc has very neatly wrapped his and may have modified the length of the Velcro...

I will attach my Pic's that show the Velcro better-but, not as neat...



Hey Fred,

You see the fuzzy part under your thumb?  The extra length?  Just take that and thread it through the slot under the plastic "V" Groove tube.  That sort of deals with the extra length and keeps it out of the way if you don't want to trim it.  You can thread it right through and out the other side.

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1 hour ago, fredmason said:

Thanks, Doc;

Once I am satisfied with the set-up I will shorten the Velcro...function before beauty, ya'know!


That's it!  That's the reason I am going to tell my wife that I always look like a derelict when I am detecting.  Once I get my detecting mojo working, then I can work on looking like a male model.  LOL.

Merry Christmas Fred!


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