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carbonaceous chondrite?

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Always looking around in the strewn field of the Sutter's Mill Meteorite area. Not knowing what to look for after all this time, shape is what it comes down to. Picked up two stones of the appropriate size this last weekend. Filed a window in one, the other has oriented ridge. Both 1.1g

I guess a trip to SETI is in order.

What say ye?






Dec 18 2.jpg

Dec 18 4.jpg

Dec18 1.jpg

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Fred, spent many hours looking for these so gained an eye but haven't looked for any since 2012 when it came down. I reviewed the fact that the fragments we did find over 30 days after the fall and a couple of rain showers, had not changed in color. They remained jet black. Just checked it with a magnet, non-magnetic.

I did a streak test on just paper. These leave a black streak. When trying to streak test our last find, it tore the paper but did leave a bit of the same streak. I'm thinking the fusion crust has been worn down on the fresh finds.

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Fred, yeah we found a total of eight fragments from the original period, 2012. The Sutter's Mill meteorite is not magnetic which made finding them and classifying them tough. 

Speaking with Peter from SETI now about getting them designated if correct. Thanks.

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I’m no expert, but they don’t look right to me. Too many hard edges, and a few vesicles, just doesn’t sit well as a CC, especially from SM. Let’s hope your eye is better than mine. Maybe that’s why I have glasses...


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