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I just purchased a few Bricks. Any one else interested ?

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Well first off, in defense of Brian Kolfage and his lifestyle / income, his ability to be able to afford a nice sports car and a new home isn't much of a reality check. He is a disabled vet, regardles

Yeah. I hear the Donald Trump bobble head doll is selling like hot cakes too.  Honestly I think it is perfect parity. The wall should be financed by Trump supporters rather than the taxpayers who

I'd rather SEE a Vet missin limbs gettn into a Ferrari , then an ol  dicknose like Schumer YAPPIN at every TV newsconference.

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1 hour ago, Morlock said:

Just more ultra liberal lies and fake news. :25r30wi:

If they invested a fraction of that money into cleaning up the situation in Albuquerque they would do more for border security than anything else. But you aren't going to get any of these fellows who are preaching "the wall" to even acknowledge what our security problem is much less how to fight it. They are too invested in the fantasy that a wall in the empty desert will make them safer.

"Trumps Wall" is entirely political. It has nothing to do with making the border more secure. It is a symbol of our inability to understand the problem. It is not a solution to any problem (real or perceived).

If we really wanted border security we would demand drug law and immigration reform and focus our efforts on criminal gangs in our cities. We would clean up corrupt law enforcement. We would treat addictions and educate. Instead we focus on political issues that serve political ends.

Somewhere along the line we fooled ourselves into thinking that there is a good side and a bad side to politics, or that one side or the other is a solution. Politics is the problem, not the solution.

The only solution is to reject the political BS. And "Trump's Wall" is the very definition of political BS.

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47 minutes ago, Morlock said:

Methinks the wall is more about trumps ego and nothing else.

Maybe, to Trump. But a whole lot of Americans support it. Too many to just dismiss as Trump's ego. It may have roots in Trumps tiny mind but it is now a major thing for a lot of Americans.

Honestly, at the end of the day no one "wins". That is just not how politics works. The very best that we can (or could ever) hope for is a good compromise. 

Building barriers on the border around urban and suburban areas and improving security where it makes sense is a good compromise. Increasing boots on the ground, training and re assessing the way we handle the human issues is good common ground. "Trump's Wall" is just pure partisan political bile.

Just my opinion. 

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