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Is there a “corona cloud” around a target.

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59 minutes ago, Recycler said:

My Teknetics will give a one-time beep on a faint target then on re-sweep it won’t register.This is in wet,part muddy soil.Is it possible that dissolved metals in solution around the target are being re-arranged by the E/M field of the detector?

I know there is a " halo" effect around coins that have been buried for lengthy amounts of time. This is caused by the leaching of soluble metals in the coins like copper and silver. The halo effect will make the target sound much larger than it actually is.

But I've never heard of the halo effect being rearranged simply by running the detector over a target. Maybe you had a false positive going one way but disappeared when swinging the other way.

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I only get a "Corona Cloud" after my third or fourth one. :oregonian_winesmiley:

No, the detector is not changing anything. 

It has been my experience that a faint target will squeal loudest on the first swing. You go back and try to find I and it is tinier than you thought it was the first time you heard it. Or it disappears completely until you work it a bit. I don't know why or what is happening to make this happen. I don't ponder radio waves and magnetic fields that much. But yeah, the first peep out of a faint target is generally the most definite until you get a bit closer to it or hover over it a little.

If your machine gets a target headed one way but not the other you generally have a "cold rock" on one side and you are hearing the threshold recover when you move away from it. And many times a target seems fainter going one way than the other because of a hot or cold rock nearby. Just keep poking and prodding anything that makes a sound and you will learn what your detector is trying to tell you pretty quickly.

A machine will often blip or signal for some crazy reason. If you cant get it to repeat itself then it was just the farts of the devil. Don't worry about it. It is not a nugget you are missing.

I don't listen for even signals, I listen for repeatable ones. Hope that helps.

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4 hours ago, Recycler said:

My Teknetics will give a one-time beep on a faint target then on re-sweep it won’t register.This is in wet,part muddy soil...

I quoted only the first part of your question because the 2nd part is 'nuh-uh' for sooo many reasons..

Your answer lies in a combo of both Morlock's and BB's replies as they cover nearly all possibilities asked and a couple that weren't..

The one thing you didn't make clear is the one-time beep one-way only or on the return as well..? I'm assuming, no, betting, the beep is from only the initial 'forward' swing.. It's probably decently loud too.. Then it won't repeat, won't repeat on-n-on.. Then it "might" finally repeat again, probably nice n loud, one direction only..

I'm here to tell you it's trash.. Or at least not treasure -- unless your idea of treasure is an old smashed well-drained double-AA battery standing on end, a short strip of twisted up metal banding / shielding of some sort, a crumpled end cap from a tube of grease or even a connecting-rod-looking thing off of who-knows-what mfg'd out of multiple low-end metals.. I should know; I've certainly dug enough of 'em.. Matter of fact I could right now take you to a spot where I know three or four of those signals are that I've been ignoring for years, just so you could listen to them then dig 'em up to ID..

I realize the "rules" say to dig everything so here's where I'll invoke the "familiarity" exception, or probably better put the "familiarity breeds contempt" exception.. If I was in a new-to-me location, especially if it is a location unencumbered by boundaries physically solid, I'll dig a signal such as that -- at least for a while.. However, if I'm in a location that's continuously being replenished (in this instance a flea market parking lot that one day a week in the winter is also the flea market site proper,) I can walk you to specific spots I just don't dig because I'm not that curious to see what I've been missing to re-throw away in a less environmentally sensitive location and manner.. If it turns out I've been ignoring a gold-and-tungsten valve stem, welll -- shame on me.. In the meantime, guess I'll continue to take my chances..


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