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New Mexico Tick Infestation - Critical Alert!

Bedrock Bob

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I brought back a bad bug from the mountains on this last trip. I didn't even know he was there. Musta been on my back where I could not see it.

I felt something on my back and then it scurried off behind the couch. It musta been a pregnant female because the next thing I knew they were everywhere!


They even got the dog.


Nasty buggers. Bite like an alligator. They will suck a cupful of blood out before you can wrestle them off your leg. In most cases amputation is the best treatment.

Here is a closeup of one.



These are some of the meanest critters I have ever seen.

The bug guy sprayed some poison around but they just got bigger. I'm using a .38 to kill them and it works great as long as you get a head shot.

Any of you guys having problems with them in your neck of the woods?


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We don't have any critters like those around here....BUT we do have some mosquitoes that are at least had big and if you try whacking them to kill them they just shake like a wet dog until their wings get unkinked and fly away only to then hit you from behind, my fishing buddy had one land on his forehead and it instantly started draining him of his life's blood, I swung a baseball bat as hard as I could and nailed that sucker, my buddy dropped like a rock and pretended to play dead....the mosquito just shook it's head a bit and then came after me!!! :yikes:

The funny thing is my buddy played dead for 3 days and then acted all confused and saying he didn't remember anything about what happened :idunno:, he's such a joker!! :25r30wi:

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4 hours ago, frank c said:

That pup of yours looks like a littermate of mine !


That is Chavo. He is my best buddy Frank! An awesome little guy that goes just about everywhere with me these days. 


Edited by Bedrock Bob
Hyenus Borealis Neomexicanus
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This is the new puppy Icarus. I call him Ziggy. He is a Rocky Mountain Mule Dog. My son found him on a climbing trip to the Beautiful Mts. this fall.

If you scratch him behind his ears he will pee on your foot. That is a sure sign of pure RMMD breeding. He can already read at a third grade level.

Here I am teaching him how to whittle.


carving sticks.JPG

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21 minutes ago, NvAuMiner said:

Do you sell them there critters that you have all over your vest?


Indeed I do. $12 each.  Plus postage I guess. They are light.

The females are the meanest.

They will stick to anything that has texture. They are made from "devil claw" plants, goat heads and barrel cactus thorns. They eyes are goat heads and the mandibles are barrel cactus thorns. It takes six devil claws to make the body, legs and claws. With those eight legs they are really "grabby" and will cling to cloth, rough stone, wood, etc.

The color in the barrel cactus thorns make it look alive huh?

I have them natural, black, red, turquoise and tan. I like the natural ones myself but the painted ones are pretty slick. This is an old photo but my new ones are basically the same.


I make turkeys, guineas, and peacocks out of them too.





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That there's some scary art, Bob...Awesome ... I had a few of those but they finallly crumbled ... Good job, and I think you could have a market for them ...go gett'em

Cheers, Un

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13 minutes ago, Uncle Ron said:

That there's some scary art, Bob...Awesome ... I had a few of those but they finallly crumbled ... Good job, and I think you could have a market for them ...go gett'em

Cheers, Un

Thanks Ron.

I am making some awesome spiders using datura apples for their butt and a cuckle burr for the body with devil claw legs. An amaranth root for a head with some fishhook cactus for jaws. I sold a half dozen just before Halloween. One woman dressed up like Elvira bought three to stick to her black shawl. It was beyond creepy. They look like mutant tarantulas or something.

I have a few mesquite bean centipedes crawling around somewhere too. 

I just sold a rattlesnake carved out of driftwood. I glued painted yucca seeds all over it for scales. It had diamonds, a striped tail and everything. Each seed painted and tiled in there in a pattern. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done and I didn't even take a photo of the darn thing. 

Stuff like that takes a long time to make and you can't make much money on it. It gets attention though and that is what my little swarm of scorpions are all about. I'm just having some fun with the stuff that keeps sticking to my pants legs and trying to make people grin a little. 



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About a month ago I had an experience at a little crafts fair. A kid with downs syndrome was with his mom looking over the stuff in the booth. He was probably 15 or 16 years old. He spotted those scorpions.

He asked me which one was the meanest and I told him the females were all pretty vicious. He grinned really big. He asked me which ones were the females and I told him the ones with the painted eyes.  He got it right away and thought that was pretty funny.

He looked over at my red and green chile earrings and asked, "Are those chiles hot enough to keep your ears warm?" I thought that was a pretty clever line and I asked him if I could use it in my sales schtick. He popped right back and told me I could use it but it was going to cost me a scorpion. His mom was just standing there smiling. He was as sharp as a tack.

He picked a black female. I told him that proved he was wise beyond his years. He got that too and we both got a good laugh. His mom smiled at me but crossed her brows a little.

Now when I show ladies the chile earrings I tell them "they are extra hot to keep your ears warm on cold winter mornings". I have tripled my sales of chile earrings. That scorpion was a great trade.


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