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When Skunk Isn't A Skunk


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Got in a couple of hours near Bumble Bee before I have to head out of town for the week. It wasn't a skunk but it sure felt like one after digging more bird shot then I usually do. My back was even getting sore from all those heavy bird shot. I considered using a quarter for scale to make it look smaller. 


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Nice little nugget there;........"Gold-is-Gold !!",.........it's just too bad that we who swing a detector have to clean up the hills from all the "irresponsible-"Yahoos"" who take it upon themselves to shoot at everything that "is visible" to them (moving or non).  It is definitely a cherished-wash (location) that has no metal trash, lead, buckshot, birdshot, etc., and where any signal that you do get is a nugget,.... and you know it.   Gary

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Good on you , I find when i am having a day like the one you were talking about and all i can manage are micro nuggets i will feel pretty darn good about my detecting that day and  that i stuck it out and was able to detect those little buggers.

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