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A lot of 1st for me this weekend.  I had a suprise trip sprung on me due to my wife’s late work day on Friday.  We were due for Vegas and I was not going to sit in traffic so I said well I guess you can fly there and I’ll pick you up🤗.   She said that’s what I was thinking maybe you can go gold hunting somewhere 🤗🤗🤗🙏.  So I took off at 3am on the road.  I didn’t sleep much due to my excitement.  So excited I got pulled over going 73 in a 55.  I won’t disclose the agency but let’s just say I guess I’m in his system for being an armed fire investigator so he told me to slow down.  No ticket given (nugget #1 for the day.  I had a plan and stuck to it.  No reception so I relied on google image pictures I took before the trip to know how to navigate.  It was super foggy at 7am so much I drove into the thickness of it way back in the hills.  I stretched my legs and back from the drive and hit the trail.  3 hours of swigging and hiking with nothing to show.  I then hit a friends old patch thinking you can’t get it all but he may have.  Nice work Chris.  I then didn’t have a plan and needed to pick up the wife by 7:15p.  I don’t get out a ton and certainly not here so one energy drink down and round 2.  I hit some similar looking ground as my friends patch.  Sort of a desert pavement mixed with a chunky broken caliche chunks.  No dice.  I got lost coming out and made my own road.  Thank God for Jeeps!  I then with low spirits hit a wash way up in the hills by some old mining activity.  My first target was a totally knarly screamer which made sense after I uncovered a hash pipe.  My second target was a small specimen which I yelled out loud because I actually found gold.  I could pack up right then and be happy.  I then got another sweet mellow hit in the middle of the wash.  After getting to bedrock I could recover a target.  I then split the bedrock with my pick and screw driver to get a nice thick boot tack.  Onward to 2 other targets which were gold and bullet casings and can fragments.  Well my 1st gold in Nevada, 1st specimen gold, 1st over an ounce nugget (specimen), 1st finding a wet stack of dynamite 🧨 next to a hard rock drilled vein, 1st getting out of a ticket in another state🤷🏼‍♂️.  So I haven’t done a specific gravity test but may I join the 1 ounce club😳.  This thing feels heavy.  Anyway thanks for sharing my day. 








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Are you sure there's not a patch there, and those where just "sitting-ducks" :200::inocent:???????  If the spot (area) looks like the quartz specimen,  you might want to punch down a bit deeper next time.  There's bound to be a source somewhere around there.  Gary  

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Beautiful gold...you need to get back out there and really prospect it...I have a feeling you are very close to a much larger placer deposit ... WTG!!!!! Cheers, Unc

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12 hours ago, mn90403 said:

Nice job on that find.

I'm fond of this calculator.


Was you test just on the one nugget or all the pieces?


Just the larger one.  I’ll do the others someday on a rainy day it was pretty fun math for hating math.  I would guess a couple of grams for the other smaller ones.


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