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Power of the Super Detector 2200V2


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21 minutes ago, fredmason said:

May I ask what coils you use and prefer?


Hi Fred, 

After all these years, I`m down to 2 coils. The commander 8 " mono, and the 11x17 NF Advantage. I feel like I can handle 97% of all my detecting with those.

The 8" mono found the above piece. There were many more found but I may save that for an article in the Mining Journal.

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"Old tech still finding nuggets   

.136 of a gram from yesterday"

That is what I'm talking about! My question would be, how deeps was that piece of gold?

Every time I find a piece of gold I know that it is not alone!

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I like the old technology as well, hunt with a modded 3500 (most of the time now) when not using the VLF... The detector itself simply is more versatile and better for the tight places I hunt most times. I am with Adam on the 8" commander coil :old: and I have an old fiberglass NuggetFinder 14 x 7 that really "fits" well.... The high end unit will indeed outdo my 3500 on flat ground in some cases, but having to use a 14 inch or larger coil all the time just will not due in 75% of the areas I like to hunt. If I need to go deep I put on a big coil.... But then again I have never found one detector that will do it "ALL"


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On 12/9/2018 at 5:23 PM, fishing8046 said:

My question would be, how deeps was that piece of gold?

Well , it was under organic leaf litter, and on overburden, not bedrock. So it really is hard to say. What really matters I think, is that it was found, and not missed.

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