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Error and rare found coins

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16 hours ago, Recycler said:

I try to maintain a reference file of known valuable coin errors to check against my finds.What appears to be just another dug up penny might actually be one that collectors want.

You'll like this site then.. Pretty much every US coin variety there is, with good pix too: 
There's a couple other really decent sites out there as well..


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4 hours ago, Recycler said:

Thanks for the info.I have been looking for a highly durable digital way to carry some of this info with me.First time I fall in a creek or battery discharged,figure it’s goodbye smart phone reference.

I can kind of understand wanting to have this information handy in the field.. However, unlike maps, GPS locator, sat phone link and the like, having these coins information stats along is really neither necessary nor a necessity..

Being the info is virtual it isn't as much a matter of carrying additional weight as it is discovering there's no actual time for usage during a coin find while out..

What does that mean to the "field tec..?" Well, for example: Never will a situation arise where failure to identify anything special about a coin while in the field be cause to leave it behind; it's coming back regardless.. If one suspects one is in a location where making an exceptional find is even feasable,  it'll only be following a good soaking and proper numismatic 'cleaning' will this coin begin to undergo study for exceptions..

The task of gathering together the information you seek and having it all housed "under one roof" was quite an accomplishment until rather recently.. However, even though now completed does not make instant access to this info in the field "worth" any more than zero access, because the great majority, if not the entirety, of the cleansing and identifying procedures should take place under more conducive conditions..

Using a "common so memorized info" coin for this: In the field one unearths a Lincoln wheat cent.. A careful no-rubbing rinse reveals a 1955 doubled die.. What does one do next..?

One can have all the information about every known exceptional coin at one's fingertips, but if the step following ID'ing a special coin is anything other than "carefully get me back to base" that item is being devalued..

In a nutshell this is the difference between coin shooting vs detecting for numismatic value coinage.. If one rubs a coin after finding while hunting and it turns out being exceptional there's no guessing the dollar damage done..

Point being is: If you're coin shooting with the hope and intention of making numismatic finds you need to treat everything you pull out of the ground as though "this is the one..!" If this is intent you don't need a list to carry with you since you won't be looking at anything until having returned to a controlled environment..

I'm not being judgmental; I'm merely pointing out facts.. There's no half-measures if this is truly an objective..


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