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What is this. Is it worth anything and can I put it in a fish tank

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In which state or region was it found?  It looks suspiciously like the calcite with which my Ozarks driveway was paved, only bigger and more noduley.  Then again, I'm partially colorblind, so might be missing an obvious clue as to ID.

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I could be wrong, as always.
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Fish Tank Bound it should be.  Have fun keeping the Alga From infesting it.  My bet is it would look nice under some black light. 

Fresh or Salt Tank.   Salt tank it may go away  sooner then in a Fresh tank.  Your fish may even eat at it. 

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Put a few drops of vinegar on it and let it sit for 20 minutes. If it fizzes slowly, it's calcite. If it doesn't, it's quartz.

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