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how did you get here?

wet/dry washer

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Always the natives, no?  In my case, my hard as nails Eastern European Jewish immigrant grandfather pointed across a synagogue basement dining hall at my mother, and told my young immigrant father in Yidspeak, "Marry that girl or you're stupid (the actual phrase he used for "you're stupid" translates to something like "you have doughballs for brains").  She has a good family, they've been here longer, and she cooks."  My father listened.  I'm grateful and forever in the debt of my grandfather and both parents.

My permission was freely granted after the fact.

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My mother claims she had her tubes tied. Dad claims he had a vasectomy. At 6 months mom says I was a tumor. Apparently I swam passed all the goalies, the doctors, the knives and the stitches. Winning! lmao. 4th and last unplanned child. It was ALIENS lol. =) True story as I grew up being told ...how f-d up is that?

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12 hours ago, adam said:

I used a transporter from the future.

Bring any winning lottery numbers with you?

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