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Not Everything That Pings is a Meteorite

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Not everything that pings is a meteorite.

A few years ago while visiting my mother for Christmas I searched for the Richmond, VA meteorite fall of 1828. It was utterly hopeless hunting a very low iron LL5 in the suburban woods of Richmond. The woods trash had bits of wire, endless small ancient rubbish, and modern stuff buried under the leaves. I decided I would piddle around with my Whites detector, cover a small area, and call it quits. Low and behold I got a hit for a 'bullet'. In 400 year old Richmond, what a surprise. I dug through 4 inches of leaves, 12 inches of endlessly enmeshed roots wrapped around dozens of gritty small and large stones in wet, cold black December dirt. Then I dug through 5 more inches of very light, yellowish clay equally enmeshed in roots and rock to find a civil war lead bullet in perfect condition. I found 21 more civil war lead bullets that morning.  It must have been an encampment where a bag had spilled or broke. It was an amazing find to pick at random 400 sq. ft. of earth and find a civil war encampment. 

Civil War Bullets.jpg


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