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GP Extreme...ease of adding green button

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Hi Guys;

I am thinking about buying a good used GP Extreme for a lot of relic hunting (trash pits) and a little gold hunting.  Can anyone tell me how difficult it would be for me to mod the machine with a green button?  also, where could I find some schematics for the mod?  Thanks in advance...


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It is very easy to do. I installed one on my Extreme and it worked great. I was nervous while doing it because obviously i didnt want to fry something, but honestly there was really nothing to worry about. 

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Hello. Here`s what you do.

Purchase the pre wired smart point plug from this guy ( I can not attest to who he is or even his reliability)  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Minelab-SD-GP-GPX-Smart-Point-Connector-for-Control-Box-Add-On-Gold-Button-Kit/172129255383?hash=item2813b3ffd7:g:wx8AAOSwxYxUubmB:rk:9:pf:0

Then buy the GPX green button Ground balance handle assembly from someone like Bill southern or Rob or Doc. You will have to drill a small hole in the end cap of the detector to accommodate the Smart point plug.


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Thanks for the link.  After I posted the question I searched the forums and found a lot of good information about the subject.

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