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35 minutes ago, danhurd said:

Here is my latest.  How long does it take to high bank one ounce of gold?


23 hours for one ounce. I'd sure like to know where that spot is. Even if you only high bank for 5 hours a day, an ounce a week is pretty good wages

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To even make a statement about how long it takes to pan (or hi-bank or dredge etc) an ounce of gold is just flat out silly without ID'ing where one is working.. It's actually both kinda borderline insulting and stupid really, not silly..

Twenty-three hours or a week..? Neither matters to me -- in the sense that they are both phenomenal when compared to/against potential returns here in the east..

For example, one can dredge the entire season at let's say Vein Mountain LDMA (NC) and if ya come away with an ounce for six months work you've done pretty good.. You want to hi-bank there..? Have at it.. That material comes from "Alaska" -- in the sense that if 'they' don't dig down about 35 feet to get to somewhat decent pay, and nowhere does it say that that's the material they're gonna pile up for ya, you're gonna be running $9/yard material until you're blue in the face and hands..

Same holds true up in N GA around Dahlonega, Cleveland etc.. Local dredgers who really know the area might be able to haul out a few ounces in the course of a season.. But if ya can't work the rivers / streams with a dredge and need to rely on out-of-water material to score from, you're looking at a nearly identical scenario -- $10/yd overburden until ya get down 30 - 35 feet to the pay layer.. Heck, all ya gotta do is watch some of Gold Hog Doc's vids to know I'm not speaking BS.. Check out his vids where he's at Gold & Gem Grubbin'.. At least that place's owner does dig out the pay layer for his visitors.. But it's also one of the places Gold Hog tests products, and GGG's owner will let him/them run all the overburden they can eat.. Why not..? You can run dirt from alongside the roads up there and get 1/4 gram a ton..

So this whole thing about how long does it take to blah blah blah an ozT of AU is pure nonsense, since it all depends where one is..


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