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Minelab GPZ 7000 $4800.00... - Contact (928) 298-5775 (Text before calls)


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GPZ 7000 for sale $5,500.00...EDIT PRICE REDUCED TO  $4800.00 Cash only. Ammo boxes and ammo not included ;-) 
This detector is in excellent condition. Purchased from Rob. The serial number is shown below. Used but never abused. This is a great deal, especially with the extras.
Comes with an extra battery, heavy duty aftermarket coil cover, and Doc's detector/wireless/screen cover. Wireless WM 12 speaker module and headphones included. The original little iron ferrite ring cracked, but I just wrapped red duct tape around it and have seen no performance difference. The ferrite ring is not part of the detector, it's just another method to ground balance. You can read more about the ferrite ring here. I have a new ferrite ring for you too.

You also get a Camelbak hydropack attached to the Minelab harness. You'll just need your own bladder. The Camelbak is not new, it's just one of my older ones. 
I have several detectors, can't swing them all at once, and I don't want to see this machine collect dust. It's paid for itself for me and I'm sure you'll do well with it too. This is a great deal for the price, especially with the extras. Going to reinvest the money into my next detector model adventure. It's a lot of fun trying different machines out. 
Send texts or PMs. Text preferred as I don't get on the internet every day. (928) 298-5775. Please text before calling as I don't take calls from unknown numbers due to the amount of scams out there. Sale will likely take place in Arizona. If I don't return your text right away we're likely traveling and not in a service area. Please don't make lowball offers, the price is firm and very fair. We both have better ways of spending our time. 







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Reducing to $5100 to keep in pace with others here. Skip @Au Seeker can you please adjust the title (and perhaps the price within the post itself) to reflect $5100?

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Price drop to $4800.00. Let's see if this moves the market. @Au Seeker can you adjust the post title to reflect the price change please. Thanks.

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A few people are interested but no cash on the table yet. Great deal and when it's gone, it's gone.

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$4500.00 cash only. Since I already bought yet another detector, the money from this sale will be a gift for my daughter when she's away for her junior year in college this fall. Good (great) deal for you and her lol 

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